Gain access to a library of FREE resources for upper elementary grades!


Find lots of reading ideas, activities, and resources to increase reading comprehension.

Using Think Alouds to Increase Comprehension in Upper Elementary
Building Your Upper Elementary Classroom Library
Signs of Comprehension Difficulties in Upper Elementary
Causes of Reading Comprehension Difficulties in Upper Elementary

Writing & Grammar

This section is filled with helpful tips to boost writing and grammar skills.

8 Ways to Make Grammar Fun
Spread Some Kindness Letter Writing Activity
Teaching Paragraph Writing: Conclusions
Teaching Paragraph Writing: Transitions


Find strategies and tips to help you teach upper grade math confidently!

Fun and Effective Test Prep Activities
Fraction Activities Students Love
Strategies for Solving Word Problems
Math Games Using Dominoes


Year ‘round seasonal activities, holiday ideas, and mentor texts are included here.

Hanukkah Books for Kids
Books to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.
Book Ideas for Christmas Around The World
Sponge Painted Holiday Gift Bags

Classroom Ideas

You’ll find practical ideas for classroom organization and management for the upper grade classroom!

Favorite Whiteboards and Erasers for the Classroom
10 Books to Nurture Classroom Climate
How to Build Teacher-Student Connections
Teaching Kindness in the Classroom